Here at Bad Mums’ Club we are lucky to have some great businesses who support what we do and we support them too.

Below are some of the companies who have appeared at our past events and continue to show us the Bad Mums’ Club love. If you haven’t checked them out already then go do it now xxx

Totally U

Totally U Salon, 201 Kirkway, Alkrington, M24 1LW  Tel: 0161654 9505

House of Che Che

House of Che Che 102 Ashton Rd East, M35 9PR Tel: 0161 637 2689

square logo (instagram)

Pro Make-Up Academy 85 Oldham Road, Lydgate OL4 4JF Tel: 07831814592

Lean and Clean logo

Lean & Clean


Hula Event Planning

Sanctuary Spa logo

Sanctuary Spa


Korner Kitchen

Korner Kitchen  205 Kirkway, Alkrington, M24 1LW Tel: 0161 643 1212

R & R

R & R Therapy Suite


XOXO Cocktail Lounge 15 Market Place, Middleton, M24 6AE Tel: 0161 643 6225

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