I’m The Big Bad Mumma, otherwise know as Michelle Eagleton,  a thirty-something Mum of two (or three if you count my husband)! I juggle a full time job as a publicist with the role of Mummy to Daisy, who is seven and Harry, who is three. As much as I strive to be WonderWoman, the pants don’t fit and I lost my cape a long time ago.

I admit I sometimes ‘suck’ at being a Mum and the perfect wife but hey, even Beyonce would admit that if she was honest…wouldn’t she?? What I try to do is my best and I reckon as women we all do that. I started Bad Mums’ Club so we could all cut ourselves some slack and realise that perfection doesn’t exist (well, okay it might do if we use filters or post our best family pics on Facebook). 

I hope that sharing my life with you and you sharing your stories back we can build a Mummy community where we support each other and realise that being ‘Bad’ never felt so good! 

Much Love,

Michelle xxx



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