Paddling pools can p*** off!

Well the current heatwave must have sent me delirious because this week I succumbed to my children’s pleas of getting a paddling pool. If I’m honest it took days of trying to placate them with ice lollies and witnessing their overheated tantrums that made me give in, along with a sunny gin fuelled afternoon where I would have easily said yes to anything!

It was only a paddling pool request after all, it wasn’t like the time they asked for a dog, cat, furby, hatchimal…this one we could probably manage to do.

Oh boy was I so wrong!

Firstly, let me explain how hard it is to buy a paddling pool when all the other parents out there are being badgered to do the same thing. The words ‘out of stock’ almost became a mantra until hurrah, Argos came to the rescue with the last paddling pool in stock. By this time my budget had gone from spending just £20 to ‘I’ll pay whatever it costs JUST GIVE ME A GODDAMN PADDLING POOL!’

Triumphant in my quest I raced home to set it up to surprise the minions after school. This was at 1 o’clock, by 2.45pm I was still sat there trying to blow it up, about to pass out from boredom and heat exhaustion. Note to self, do not be tight, buy the pump that is recommended to come with it rather than use the super slow foot pump you’ve had since you bought your first car (which was in black and white days)!

There will be some of you nodding along in sympathy with this I’m sure-yes you’ve been there AND felt the pain of realisation that once it’s finally pumped up-you have to FILL it up!

Well, I have to say it was all worth it for the screams of delight from my two little cherubs as they burst into the garden then ran up to their bedrooms to change into their swimwear. Cut to 10 mins later though when the oldest one has branded it ‘boring’ and my youngest peed in it and then complained that the water was too wet.

With the kids back inside watching TV and playing ‘MarioLand’ there was only one thing to do, yes, I dived in to the yellow tinged water with my Prosecco ice pop (a revelation by the way) and enjoyed the sunshine.

So, make use of the paddling pool whilst you can because after all by this time next week we will either have the rain back or a hose pipe ban in place. Good look trying to get the thing back in the box when you finally deflate it too, I can guarantee it will end up in the green bin – but, just like childbirth, next year the pain will all be a distant memory and we will do it all over again!

Cheerio for now,

The Big Bad Mumma xxx



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