It’s ANOTHER kids party so I will cry if I want to!


Well, the party season is in full bloom isn’t it?

No, I’ve not had too many gins and think it’s Christmas again, I’m actually talking about kid’s parties. It seems once January is out of the way there’s an invite in the school bag every other week – my kids have more of a social life than me nowadays!

All this partying comes at a price though. If you count up all the kids party presents I bought last year I could be the owner of a shiny new pair of Louboutin shoes by now. As the kids get older the parties get more competitive too. Thanks to Daniel (indoor rock climbing party) Jess (ice skating party) Tom (jungle style assault course party) we are now under pressure to ‘up our game’. Bring back the Play Centre party days, even though I do remember muttering ‘if I see another soft play area I will throw myself onto one of its many plastic foam squares and have a meltdown’.

I shudder to think what my 7 turning 8-year-old will be asking for her party in July.

“Mum can I have Princess Pony Party with acrobatic performers who breathe fire…oh and can Little Mix come and perform…can they…pleeeease!”

Is it wrong that we have started asking our children just how much they like said birthday girl or boy when we get the party invite through?

It goes something like this…

“How MUCH do you play with them?”

“But would you say they are your FRIEND?”

“Do you REALLY want to go?”

It’s like our own unique version of Britain’s Got Talent, three X’s and they’re out!

Then if you do decide they can go it’s that age old debate (as The Clash so rightly put it) ‘should I stay or should I go’?

Stay, and you have to make parent small talk (perish the thought), go and you are labelled ‘that parent who abandoned their child’. On the plus side staying means you automatically inherit the leftovers of your kids’ party plate when they decline to eat the hot dog and chips on offer and instead shove every E number sweet in their mouth they can find.

Like all good things, it finally comes to an end, and god help you if you are the birthday boy/girl’s parent and haven’t provided a party bag (number one on the cardinal sin list)!

The kids are already red faced and wild at this point but those little bags send them over the edge. I mean it’s crazy how excited they can get over a mini pencil, rubber and a bottle of bubbles. And yes, however many times you tell your child to leave the cake until they get home it never quite survives the car journey does it?

Anyway I best go, in a role reversal I have got my own birthday party to plan as Bad Mums’ Club turns 1 this March and I can guarantee there’ll be the bottles of bubbles on the night that you won’t be sharing with the kids!

Keep posted for more news on our website and Facebook page @BadMumsClubUK to join in with the celebrations!





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