Kids Club or Club Tropicana?

I imagine you might be reading this as you get ready for the forthcoming school holidays. Seeing as we took our break in May I’m pretty much green with envy at the moment of anyone who mentions the ‘H’ word. But let’s reflect on just what holidays morph into when two become, three, four or even five!! I still shudder at the memory of carrying my little girl across the pool area whilst she was kicking and screaming after a sun cream application meltdown. Taking a ‘terrible two’ year old to Spain in the height of Summer was probably not the best decision we made but as I did the walk of shame past all the other parents their ‘been there done that’ glances helped me realise I wasn’t alone.

Do you remember the old days when holidays were more Club Tropicana than Kids Club?

Holidays BC (Before Children)

1/ You got to read at least two books whilst reclining poolside on a sun-lounger

2/ Afternoon siestas were the norm and possibly a few cheeky love ins

3/ You dined at stylish restaurants watching the sun go down

4/ There was dancing till dawn, sometimes on tables

5/ Drinking started as soon as you got on the flight or even before boarding

6/ You took just two suitcases, packed with new outfits you were both ready to show off


Now it’s a totally different ball game…


Holidays AC (After Children)

1/ You take it in turns to snatch a few minutes sunbathing whilst the other one amuses the kids

2/ The kids’ clothes double what you’ve packed for yourselves and have labels from NEXT not Primark

3/ Restaurants are decided by whether or not they serve chicken nuggets and chips

4/ The words ‘can I have’ become the kids’ holiday mantra, yours becomes ‘No’

5/ The only shapes you throw on the dancefloor are to ‘Cha Cha slide’ or ‘Chu Chu Wa’

6/ You spend an insane amount of money on a giant inflatable for the pool only for your kids to play on it once and then lose interest

So, bon voyage and to any Mum who comes back with a tan and has not had at least one mental breakdown…I salute you!




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