Never Have I Ever…

So, I was thinking about what I should write about for my next blog post and, inspired by the Ellen DeGeneres Show and a popular drinking game (ahem), I’ve decided to share my ‘Never Have I Evers’. You know, the one where someone says a statement and anyone who ever HAS done that action at some point in their life must take a sip of a drink (and I’m not talking tea)!

We’re all friends now right? Let’s share some Bad Mums confessions. Here are the some of my personal experience ones that I would definitely have to drink along to!


  • Sprayed deodorant on my child’s PE kit after realising it’s sports that day and I forgot to wash it.
  • Pretended a tampon was a tube of sweeties…only to disappoint my child by refusing to give them one.
  • Given my kids chocolate for breakfast to put an end to a morning meltdown.
  • Accidentally fake tanned my daughters cheek after she feel asleep on my newly sprayed (and not yet set) arms.
  • Counted down the minutes until I could put my kids to sleep and enjoy a medicinal glass of wine (in peace).
  • Let my child think her Mummy is a lot younger than she is (18 to be exact…ssshhh!)
  • Passed off shop bought cakes as my own for the school fair.
  • Blamed my child for something I’ve broken when quizzed about it by my husband.
  • Claimed my child was younger to get free entry to a soft play area…only to have them pipe up their ‘real’ age to the person at the till.
  • Spent quality time with the kids watching CBeebies Bedtime stories just so I could perv at Tom Hardy!

Please join in with me and share your ‘Never Have I Evers’ in the comment box below. This could be a long drinking game ladies ; )

2 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…

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  1. Thought I should share some of mine

    Never have I ever…
    *parked up outside a strangers house and told my children here is your new foster home and demanded them to get out of the car.
    *sneeked in the garage for a quick cig whilst the kids were playing in the garden.
    *had a melt down in the supermarket and walked off without the kids whilst they had a fight (and I mean actually out of the doors)
    *let my kids stay up late just so I had company (I know thats very sad)
    *turned all the lights off upstairs and pretended there were monsters in the loft
    *take the kids to snakes and slides just so I can have a coffee
    *put my earphones in on the school run so I don’t have to talk to other parents


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