Welcome to Bad Mums’ Club…

Welcome to Bad Mums’ Club! Born out of a bottle of wine one night after the kids had gone to bed and me (aka The Big Bad Mumma) coming up with an idea of a place where we remove the facade we often put on as Mums and celebrate the fact we don’t always get it right sometimes.

Hands up those of you who constantly feel like they are juggling a million and one things? Hands up who compares themselves to other people who look like they have got their crap together whilst you feel like you are wading in mud? Hands up who is sick of the social media ‘perfect’ lives people present when in reality you know they are not true? 

We are all women, Mums, and in the same boat – whatever our background, whatever our story. Bad Mums’ Club is a place where you can be yourself, no judging, just laughing, fun and a bit of ‘you’ time…without the kids!!

Our club is based in Alkrington in Middleton, Manchester so if you are nearby please come and join us on one of our get togethers – we would love to see you there (check out our events page).

In the meantime we have set up this site as a place you can go to with advice, tips and stories to keep you sane.

Can I hear an ‘Amen’ ladies? Welcome to the Club! xx

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